Facebook Privacy Policy

Facebook complains about heise.de code to protect privacy by a two click-step confirmation , before heise even published the news and the code!

The prob is, that each Facebook button sends user tracking data to Facebook, just by visiting the site, without clicking any ‘like’/’share’… button. Heise implemented a system, which requests a click-confirmation before sending any userdata to Facebook/twitter/../../../.

We have been waiting for this code since a long time and implemented it in a similar way on our own sites so we are very happy about heise.de fighting for our rights once again!

This story reveals the true intentions of FB once again: they veeery keen on tracking the complete surf history of $any web-user: they know $every page you visit!1!

A very simple profile of a web user is worth min. >10€ on the ad-market – for sure much more if you can deliver tracking data like that..