0zapftis – CCC releases analysis of Bundestrojaner national spy software

The Chaos Computer Club received a binary.exe of the “Bundestrojan” spyware. That software is used by German officials to to spy on people’s computers and it uses the same tricks as trojan viruses to run keyloggers, control users, data and skype. .

CCC  reverse engineered the windows software and found many critical bugs and very bad code. The trojan opens infected systems to everybody, because the encryption implementation is broken. CCC even invented a demo frontend! 😀

Now they publish all details and german news will release parts of the malware code tomorrow!!!1!! Read multipage FAZ article tomorrow print and online!!

Fefe informs and  links to the CCC press release:

Chaos Computer Club analysiert Staatstrojaner

FAZ article

Its expected, that the officials press the selfdestruction button very soon hahahaa

😀 *party* 😀