Arduino Workshop “Hardware 2 Software Interaction” Level #01

15.11.2010 @ nerdcafe FHain LUG

Workshop Info

Sensor forest on a breadboard

Hardware Hacking -DiY — Introduction to Hardware <-> Software Interaction

This introduction is intended for anyone interested in (easy) electronics hardware and (mostly easy) software coding. Artists / *Designers & Hackers of all kinds are invited to join the FREE sessions in Berlin Friedrichshain.

TKilla will introduce the Arduino micro-controller platform and show some practical examples. Basics of electronics and some interesting components will be explained shortly, but there are no tricky mechanical works and no soldering involved.

We will focus on software programming inside the Arduino editor to show how to read analog values from various interesting sensors and output to LEDs and maybe servo motors.

Big breadboard, many sensors + Arduino

To get some interesting visual results, we will use Processing to display incoming values from sensors in graphical ways.

After the lesson, you should have an idea how to design & build your own simple robots (servo motors…) or sensory controllers (MIDI / OSC faderboxes,..).

If there is time, everyone can install the software and try with a board and sensors. We can focus on special topics and the workshop part (maybe MIDI Controllers) in a follow-up evening.

Synoptx Crew organizes all material, tools and a nice location.

Max. 5 Arduino boards will be available, so bring your own, if you have one or contact us by mail or comment..

BYO laptop!

and interesting electronics (sensors) to recycle! (old joysticks, buttons, potis, faders, sensors,…)